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Tadeu Scmidt, em breve, nas novas funções

“BBB” is first place on the podium for Globo presenters – Prisma

It’s curious to see how certain things change over time.

At Globo do Past, becoming a Fantástico presenter was the dream and heyday of many, but few, as long as the program has existed – on the eve of turning 50, got there.

The list was awarded to professionals, however, due to its longevity, it is not entirely extensive. The names go a little beyond, such as Sid Moreira, Sergio Chaplin, Celso Freitas, Cesar Filho, Marcia Mendes, William Bonner, Doris Jesse, Valeria Monteiro, Gloria Maria, Pedro Biel, Patricia Poeta, Fatima Bernardes, Renata Serribli, Carla Vilhena, Helena Ranaldi, Zika Camargo, Renata Vasconcelos, and more recently Poliana Abreta and Tado Schmidt, who deserved to be called up, after going through other careers, including sports.

Last Sunday, with all the pomp and circumstance, Tadeu was announced for “Big Brother,” replacing Tiago Leifert, an important change in the order of things.

At Globo, entertainment today, due to the advantages it provides, has become the biggest goal to be reached. Many of them have already switched sides.

“BBB” is chosen at this point in time as climbing to the top of the podium.

If you pull…

The stories behind most of these presenters are very important.

Marcia Mendes, for example, was one of the nicest and most efficient Globo presenters of all time. But he died a young man, aged 34, after suffering from various health problems.

There was more…

César Filho’s is also historic. When he partnered “Fantástico” with Chapelin, earning 7 million cruziros a month, Bonnie wanted to put him at the top of the “Journal Nacional” list.

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He said he could pay 9, at most, because Syed Moreira got 11.

It turns out that…

On the same occasion, “The Machine” Fernando Vieira de Mello, as Director of Mappin and with the departure of Antonio del Violle to Jumbo Electro, invited Cesar Filho to be his presenter.

It offered a 5-year contract, 32 million cruziros/month, in ORTN – a nationally adjustable treasury bond. Of course it was Cesar who did it.

Let’s go…

Boni, after his research, decided to follow the advice of a friend and observe the work of the young broadcaster of the Bandeirantes press, Rafael Moreno.

But the same day he went to see, Rafael was outside. In his place appeared a man named William Bonnemer, who became Bonner, because Mr. Bonifacio thought he was better. Then…

Secret at the top

Record is also preparing the news on its timeline, for the beginning of 2022.

In fact, there’s already a calendar set up, with several confirmed, including “Power Couple,” “Ilha Record,” and “A Fazenda,” of course.

farm party

Amusement Park will be the theme of the party at The Farm, with a taping on Friday.

The musical will be performed live by the duo Ze Neto and Cristiano. Best Moments will air on Saturday.


Heaven Delhaye and Moaquier Santana will be the judges for GNT’s new cooking reality show, “Rolling Kitchen Brasil,” which begins on the 21st, at 9:30 p.m.

Run by Paolo Vieira, the program brings a famous couple together to see who makes the best dishes of the day.

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Regardless of the interior renovations and the location of the Teatro Itália, the band’s direction continues to search for studios to service productions such as “MasterChef” and “Perrengue”, among others.

The target now is Vera Cruz, in São Bernardo do Campo.

It’s on the account

Marcílio Moraes complained that Globo was not paying for CCTV and live broadcasts.

Now, he himself insists on informing him that he got everything he is entitled to in order to show the movie “Sonho Meu” on Viva channel.

ato n 1

I can guarantee that the band’s announced appointment of Leandro Hassum is, for now, nothing more than a crush.

It can be dating, but it can’t be.

ato n 2

Leandro Hassum and Antonio Zimmerli, now the band’s manager, are friends from the time of Globo

They talked so much, as they always did, that they even had a meeting next week. Hassum will come from the US for that. Then, yes, something can happen.


The changes made in Grupo Globo, based on a statement released yesterday, should define others in the near future.

Simple result. Prioritizing its production, in the most different directions, is the first goal that must be put into practice.


Flávio Galvão, the voice of God, is still completing his work on “The Genesis”.

The actor, that is, signed a new contract for another two years with Record.

hit hit

• Broadcasting begins to become an important path for video professionals, especially authors, directors, screenwriters…

• … Many even have to break exclusivity with TV stations so that they can also operate on these platforms.

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• I would like to thank my friend Gilberto Leifert for sending “Te Contei Essa”. Amazing. It’s already in “devour” mode.

• On Sunday, 10:30 pm, at the premiere of “Entre Mundos” on CNN Brazil, Pedro Andrade visits a group of Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn.

• The program “Conversa Piada” with the participation of Beto Silva, Claudio Manuel, Helio de la Peña and Hubert Arana will be shown on Saturday, at 10 pm, on Cultural TV.

• Highlighting the five technicians – Lulu, Teló, Brown, Iza and Cláudia Leitte – Boninho confirmed on social networks that “The Voice” will debut on the 26th day.

• The “Introduction to Text” course began this month and runs until December 2, led by author Marcos Ferraz, at the school of director Wolf Maya.

• “Polyana Mocha”, a TV series produced by SBT, will arrive in Minas Gerais, but there is still no specific date for the foreign series…

• …in São Paulo, this work has already begun.

• Former player Edmundo, returning to the band, is already participating in “Terceiro Tempo” next Sunday.