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BBB 24 Poll: Results show intense competition and opportunity for transformation

BBB 24 Poll: Results show intense competition and opportunity for transformation

Duffy and Matthews lead voting intentions in poll (Image: Reproduction, Globo)

The grand final of BBB 24 will be this Tuesday (16), as Daffy, Isabelle and Matthews hunt for the reality prize. The big winner of the most viewed house in Brazil will be known on Tuesday. The NSC Total poll, open since Sunday, suggests that Duffy's favoritism may be threatened by Matthews' increasing votes, focusing the dispute between the two. the brothers.

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Continue reading to see NSC Total poll result and voting percentages for those paired.

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View survey results from BBB 24's 21st Wall

After Duffy won the endurance test and became captain, he also secured the first final position in this edition. The other finalists were recognized after Alane left with the majority of votes, in last place of the BBB Turbo.

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This wall formation meant that Davey and Isabelle's fans ended up splitting the vote. However, after the final was announced, Matthews ended up rising in the polls as the favorite for the award. In some cases, the unexpected has happened: the gaucho even appears in first place in some surveys. Below, we see that the NSC Total poll maintained absolute favoritism for Davy, with a high percentage of votes for Matthews and a low percentage of votes for Isabel.

See the results of the NSC Total survey:

  • David: 68%
  • Matthew: 23%
  • Isabel: 9%

Disapproval rating for those excluded from BBB 24

In the first six walls of BBB 24, it was voting for who you wanted to stay in the house. From the seventh, the vote became on the judiciary. Check below the order of rejection of those excluded from this edition by each voting stage.

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He refused to vote to remain

  1. Luigi: By 7.29%. He was the sixth eliminated from BBB 24;
  2. Bezan: By 7.66%. He was the third person to be eliminated from BBB 24;
  3. What is: by 8.46%. He was the first to be eliminated from BBB 24;
  4. Vinicius: by 9.92%. He was the fifth person eliminated from BBB 24;
  5. System: By 17.14%. He was the fourth eliminated from BBB 24;
  6. Thalita: By 22.71%. She was the second one eliminated from BBB 24.

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He refused to vote on the abolition

  1. Lady Ellen: By 88.33%. She was the fourteenth eliminated from BBB 24;
  2. Raquel: By 87.14%. She was the thirteenth eliminated from BBB 24;
  3. Marcos Vinicius: By 84.86%. He was the eighth eliminated from BBB 24;
  4. Beatrice: By 82.61%. It was the 20th eliminated from BBB 24;
  5. Beetle: By 82%. She was the sixteenth eliminated from BBB 24;
  6. Yasmine: By 80.76%. She was the twelfth eliminated from BBB 24;
  7. MC Bin Laden: By 80.34%. He was the seventeenth eliminated from BBB 24;
  8. Rodriginho: By 78.23%. He was the tenth eliminated from BBB 24;
  9. Giovanna: By 75.35%. She was the 18th eliminated from BBB 24;
  10. Michelle: By 70.33%. He was the eleventh eliminated from BBB 24;
  11. Lucas Henrique: By 64.69%. He was the nineteenth eliminated from BBB 24;
  12. Juninho: By 60.35%. He was the seventh eliminated from BBB 24;
  13. Fernanda: By 57.09%. She was the fifteenth eliminated from BBB 24;
  14. Denizian: By 52.02%. She was the ninth eliminated from BBB 24;
  15. now: By 51.11%. She was the 21st eliminated from BBB 24.
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