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BBB 24: Brothers celebrate 'redemption' from Big Fone;  Daffy thinks about Paredão

BBB 24: Brothers celebrate 'redemption' from Big Fone; Daffy thinks about Paredão

Big Fone's six ringtones were played on BBB 24 and, Although five of them are trolling for productionThe sixth call will place the brother who answered in Baridao. Five of them were attended by Davidincluding the latest on Sunday (3) and He was nominated for the hot seat. When communicating with other participants, everyone celebrated “salvation,” while the Bahians spoke of “bad luck.”

On the call, the message Davey heard was: “Pay attention, pay attention: you are on Paredão! If you are the leader or angel, you are safe, but you must appoint someone in your place immediately. Repeat: You are on Paredão. Let everyone know “

Then the brother reported the subject of the call. “I'm on the wall, guys!” Alan replied in disbelief: “Really, Davey?” He confirmed and explained about the other four he attended: “Seriously! The others were fake.”

Lady Ellen commented: “I knew it would be like this!” Raquel thanked God: “Oh, thank God! I was already going like this… I was almost there! But he arrived first, thank God!

“Look, this isn't just a good thing. And I'll tell you, everyone took it at UCLA! Ho [Davi] “Taking voting away from home,” Liddy noted.

David reflects

After answering Big Fone and being nominated for the Paredão Award, Daffy calmed down and had time to think about the game. He is in Chief Lucas's sights, so he can no longer be his brother's voice.

In a conversation with Isabel, the app driver explains that he now has a chance to escape Paredão in the Bate e Volta race. “If there is evidence of Patty Volta, I don’t know, she hasn’t done exterior maintenance yet. But if you do, you have this opportunity. I’m happy about that.”

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She agreed with her friend: “Yes, that's right, there is that.”

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