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BBB 23: Key Alves analyzes the game and reveals “discomfort” after the brother’s attitude and promise to confront: “He doesn’t know me”


During a conversation with an ally, the player is promised that she will clash with one of the rival brothers in the house.

Elvis Key – Image: Reproduction/Globo

Daybreak BBB 23 He was very busy after eliminating Christian. The brother, who has been the protagonist of many frictions in the house in recent days, left the program with 48.32% from the general vote. shortly after his departure, Key Alves analyzed the opponents’ game and identified his new target.

In a conversation with Gustavo, the player promises that she will get into a confrontation with MC Guimê in-game. “Everyone respects me right now. It was taking time. That’s what I needed to have a little switch in me to turn around. And it did,” said the key.

MC Guimê – Image: Reproduction / Globo

A few hours ago, I overheard funkeiro’s conversation in the gym while she was in the leader’s room. Cesar Black. They used one of the cards provided by the production to hear what the brothers had to say. He said something about me that he didn’t know. He was going to say something about the character. […] Who is to say anything about my character? he doesn’t know me Shoot the volleyball player.

key He still makes it clear that he’s not afraid of his rivals’ fans, citing the times he was in it MCguime He claimed to have famous friends outside of the game: “In Paredão, it goes like this.” My artists are with me”. He invites everyone who wants to join him. For me, this is supremacy. […] Any artist can come. If Brazil does not suit you, you will leave. shot.

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