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“BBB 23”: Domitilla, Fred and Gabriel in Paredão |  TV and serials

“BBB 23”: Domitilla, Fred and Gabriel in Paredão | TV and serials

Domitilla, Fred and Gabriel on the tenth wall of “BBB 23” – Image: TV Globo

Domitilla, Fred and Gabriel make up the tenth Paredão of “BBB 23”. The berlinda was formed on Sunday night (19th) and the elimination will be this Tuesday (21st). However, this week’s elimination goes to Casa do Reencontro and he has a chance to get back in the game. (read more below)

Domitila Barros was nominated by leader Bruna Griffau. Fred and Gabriel were the most voted by house. Marvella was nominated by Amanda, who placed second in the race leader of the week, but escaped in the back-and-forth race.

reunion house

Presenter Tadeu Schmidt during ‘BBB 23’ this Sunday (19) – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

BBB 23 announced on Sunday night (19) that two participants who have already been eliminated from the program will be able to go home on Thursday (23). The news was confirmed by Lieutenant Colonel Tadeo Schmidt.

“On Tuesday, the one who has been eliminated from Paredão this week will go directly to the Casa do Reencontro. There they will join Larissa, Kei Alves, Fred Nicasio, Gustavo, Cristian, Paola, Tina, Gabriel and Marilia”, said the presenter.

Voting will be open to the public to choose two former participants who will return to the game to compete for the “BBB 23” award. The duo returns without immunity and will not participate in the Leader and Owner Week tests.

Where are the Casas de Vidro participants who failed to enter the “BBB”