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BBB 22: Jade and PA talk after spat: 'Our first beef'

BBB 22: Jade and PA talk after spat: ‘Our first beef’

one dimension discord game very tense inBBB 22″ (TV Globo), athlete Paulo Andre called up leader Jade Picon to talk about the match between the two, who had previously starred in kisses in the release, but had different interests and priorities inside the house.

“Brother, I’m going to ask you something,” PA began, but was interrupted by Jade’s laugh.

“Why are you laughing? Shut your face, things are bullshit. We’ll fight now. Our first nonsense, can you respect this moment?” Brother said.

And the athlete continued, “A piece of trash that I’ll ask you for when there’s a stop, you don’t have to throw it to the wind, we can tête-à-tête.”

The influencer interrupted him, “But I have nothing to do with you. I just don’t want to be the one to ask you for something…”.

Paulo Andre said, “You are mature and so am I to solve this mess. What’s the matter? This talk, the talk is frank and that’s it. You will speak and you will reveal your opinion,” said Paulo Andre, who continued: “I am generalizing.”

The influencer replied, “I understand, but today, in the room, I thanked those who supported me. And if you feel touched that you were the only one out of 15 people who raised the ‘No’…”.

“I’m not talking about today, no. I started the conversation. I’m not talking about today, I’m generalizing. Any situation,” the PA stated.

“But I like to do it, it’s part of my personality,” the sister says. “But that’s not part of what we can be calm about. I’m generalizing, let’s say there’s a more serious downtime happening,” the athlete says.

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“Of course I’ll talk to you,” Jade said.

“This is what I ask of you now,” said the brother.

After their more serious chat, the duo also commented on Jade’s nomination for Wall. The influencer stated that she would rather sink a key than create another key and give the reason for the vote by two different people.

Paulo Andre noted: “Take it from here. He also has a chance to win the leader.”

“Of course, and that is precisely why I put it yesterday, because if I put someone else down, say, next week, there were two chances for me to go to Paradao if one of them won the leader. Two possibilities to vote, you understand? Instead of creating another key that threatens me, I decided to hit him and sink him even more. In my head, it was like this,” concluded the sister.

When they left the room, Jade and Paolo kiss Andre and decide to play a joke on the brothers who were awake, pretending they had a bad fight.

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