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BBB 21: Viih Tube cries desperately in fear of de-reality

BBB 21: Viih Tube cries desperately in fear of de-reality

Viih tube (Credit: Reproduction / Instagram)

Facing his first wall, Viih tube She is afraid to end her participation in “BBB21”. The digital influencer cried a lot during the party on Friday night (23). She, comforted by Camilla, Juliet and Boca, said she didn’t want to let go of the attraction.

“I deserve to leave because I put them in Paredão. But I want to stay.” In the sequence, Camila tried to calm her down: “The dynamic is being a leader. If the Leader is worth leaving, the program won’t set up a dynamic like this, if people think Leader should leave. You were a leader because you deserve him and the leader has to nominate someone. I spent 14 hours testing the leader, you deserved it! Then stop talking about the shit. “

“It’s very hard to nominate someone,” Viih Tube said. Camila replied, “It was difficult, yeah. Hard to point, hard to vote, but you deserved it, you were brave. You were not the only person who had to refer someone to Paredão. Whoever was a leader had to nominate someone “.

Blonde on the wall with Phuk e Gilberto. Elimination takes place on Sunday (25).

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