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BBB 21 - Paredão: Thais are breathing in Kayo's nomination speech

BBB 21 – Paredão: Thais are breathing in Kayo’s nomination speech

Shortly after he was nominated by Leader Caio Fei.BBB 21 “(TV Globo), while awaiting test results, is back on Viih Tube. Sister didn’t like the referee’s speech from Goiás.

“About Caio speech, the only thing I found a little bit like this … Why did he have to talk about Camila pointing to me? I don’t think there is nothing to do, he had to point to me. He did like Rodolfo. To praise someone I did ask Tayse to .

FeiTube claimed that the brother tried to explain why he changed his candidacy, because he initially said he would nominate Camilla.

“No [precisava] End with me and then, you know, up front? The dentist continued.

“Looking from the outside, I don’t feel it’s over with you,” said Fei. Theiss argued that the distance between her and Caillou was reciprocal and that the game took other directions. The sister recalled that her brother had tried to immunize her on one occasion when she received the angel test, but the benefit was autoimmune, and she said that soon after, Caio tried to place her against the wall.

“How can I not walk away, you know? There’s nothing to do. I didn’t need to, just wear me. You don’t need to talk about other people like us,” Tai complained.

“I’m not happy to do that, but I, when analyzing my path in the game, were very close, and I don’t know what happened when we got a little further away. I still try a few times. No I went to Caio said, When referring to Thai on the wall.

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