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BBB 21 champ rules out acting career

BBB 21 champ rules out acting career

JULIET Freire, singer and heroBBB 21”, I participated in “Altas Horas” (TV Globo) tonight, and when asked about the possibility of pursuing an acting career, the woman from Paraíba ruled it out.

I’m outside, I don’t want this, the challenges I’m facing are enough, and that’s a lot too. Leave everything in its place. Juliet Freire

He talks about how he deals with fame and the large number of followers after him reality showJuliet revealed that she felt “panic” and “afraid”. “I just thought about meeting my friends and family,” she said. “I understood I wanted a phenomenon, but I wanted to understand why.”

I was hoping to leave, my dear, because I was aware of my positions and who I am. But I had no idea it would be this big. I got really scared and started to get really scared of it. I said: Is this the person you love so much for me? Did they see everything? It took me a while to understand why. I panicked for the first few days. Juliet Freire

The former BBB revealed that she spoke to Padre Fábio de Melo, who was also a guest on the show, and asked for help dealing with her fear after the reality show.

“I panicked, and I said to him, ‘I’m really scared, please, what do I do?'” she said, laughing. “.Then I used to, and now I’m more or less.”

Dealing with a new life

The former BBB also commented on how she faced her new life after reality to watch. “How do you manage this overnight?” , asked Serginio Grosman, the show’s host, and Juliet replied:

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Every day I learn something new, learn a lesson from situations and learn a little at a time. No one is born knowing I was born into this world now, I am learning from scratch. But, a lot of gratitude and we ask God for strength every day, I always try to do my best. Juliet Freire

“It’s like there’s a horse, and I’m trying to handle it, fit in, ride it and go on. I’m used to it, I’ve been sadder, and now I’m really breathing. […] She added that people are more respectful of this life transition which was very surprising.”

Newly launched into a singing career, Juliet gave vent to the difficulties of the new track. “I wanted to say that this world is not easy, we are very distinguished by the artistic world and artistic life,” he said.

“BBB 21” review

Juliet also told how she was revising “BBB” – What the psychologist and friends and family have opposed.

“I’m still on the third wall and that’s pretty weird guys. And you guys want me to say that? I wasn’t surprised. The feelings I had inside matched what was going on here, oddly enough. I was frightened by some excesses but as a rule the energy was the same “.

The former BBC added: “I need to turn this page and face what happened to me, and see why people like me so much.”

Duet with Chico Cesar

The woman from Paraíba sang “Deus Me Proteja de Mim” along with Chico César, a song that became Juliet’s soundtrack during “BBB” and It reached the top of the daily ranking of viral tracks on Spotify in Brazil during a reality show.

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Juliet mentioned that Song It’s kind of a mantra for her, and it garnered the singer’s praise – who reciprocated.

Chico’s music fills me up in a way I can’t explain, it gives meaning to my prayers, my idea of ​​life. Thank you very much, you are very important, what an honor, everyone knows how much I am passionate about your art. Thank you! Juliet Freire

Juliette and Chico Cesar sing on stage at ‘Altas Horas’

Photo: Playback / Globoplay