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Baruca tells how Felipe Lewis ended his tactic and defeated him by no: "We can do nothing else"

Baruca tells how Felipe Lewis ended his tactic and defeated him by no: “We can do nothing else”

The most talked about topic in Flamengo, at the moment, is the almost certain Giresun move to Olympique de Marseille, France. The midfielder has a special request from coach Jorge Sampaoli, who is currently leading the French national team. The settlement is for more details and can be announced at any time. In the past few days, work has progressed tremendously.

In an interview with journalist Raffla Melo, Marco (Gerson’s father and manager) explained the state of the negotiations. The actor gave the deal at 85%, and now the clubs are talking about the details of the contract – the athlete’s part has already been completed. In addition to denying that the midfielder feels undervalued, the agent says the pandemic has affected the decision.

Photo: Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF

Another famous player in Florida is Felipe Lewis, but this player will not leave Javia. Eduardo Baruca told the story of Team Mengão, who currently runs Atlético-GO, but lived the episode while in Curitiba. In an interview with Podcast talk, The coach explained how the shirt of 16 finished his tactic.

“I was in Curitiba, and in the third round of the Brazilian League, we played against Flamengo. At the end of the first half, Flamengo scored 1 against 0. Just, with 12, 13 minutes, René Junior, my midfielder, was sent. We started playing with a score of 4. -3-2 At that point and things started to improve.Excited Baruca said before he was surprised.

“But there was a team close to my technical area, and Philip Lewis took charge. He looked at the Flamengo defenders and said, ‘Don’t you see they’re 4-3-2, not with two lines four? Stop playing inside. He organized the team, and from that moment on, we couldn’t do anything elseRemember.

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