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Barra depression causes thousands of people to lose energy and is not nearing an end

Barra depression causes thousands of people to lose energy and is not nearing an end

AThe effects of Barra depression are felt with increasing intensity. At least 30,000 homes and businesses in Ireland have been affected and without electricity.

The UK’s National Weather Service’s Meteorological Office says the natural disaster could be life-threatening in the UK.

Strong winds are forecast for the eastern part of Ireland today. Heavy rain and hail are expected this Tuesday, while the low pressure area moved to the Atlantic, as well as snowfall in the northwest of the country.

According to The Guardian, depression could hit the UK in the next few hours, signaling alarming and dangerous conditions over the next two days. Forecast of strong winds and rain.

Two weeks ago, England was hit by Hurricane Arwen, which caused significant damage in various parts of the country.

It should be noted that from this Tuesday, the mainland of Portugal will also be affected by the passing side effects of the Barra depression, according to the IPMA.

Although the depression did not have a direct impact on the continent, WFP meteorologist Maria Jono Frada explained that the associated cold front surface would cover the entire surface early Wednesday morning.

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