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Barbados demands independence from England after 400 years.  Rolling Stone

Barbados demands independence from England after 400 years. Rolling Stone

A closed event marking Barbados’ long-awaited transition to a republic – and separation from the British Crown

When the clock strikes midnight this Tuesday, 30th, Barbados called for the end of the monarchy. Nearly 400 years ago, the Caribbean island was dominated by the British Crown – and now, it’s officially a republic. As the G1 explained, the nation has been independent from the United Kingdom since 1966, but still has Queen Elizabeth II as head of state.

According to the information received from CNNA ceremony was held on Monday the 29th at night with several ceremonies marking the transition from an island kingdom to a republic. In case, the Queen Elizabeth II He was removed from the position of head of the island state during Sandra Mason took the position.

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“For decades, we have discussed the transition from Barbados to a republic. Today, debate and conversations have become business. Today, we are taking our compass in a new direction. Mason (via CNN) in his first speech as head of state on the Caribbean island.

The closing ceremony also witnessed the presence (and speech) of the Prince of Wales,
Charleseldest son of Queen Elizabeth II, who commented on the island’s path to becoming a republic:

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“Since the darkest days of our past, and the horrific horrors of slavery that have forever stained our history, the inhabitants of this island have made their way with extraordinary hardness. Liberty, autonomy and independence have been their reference points. Freedom, justice and self-determination are your guides (…)”.

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the singer Rihanna, who was born on the island, also attended the party in Barbados – and on Monday, the national champion, 29, was awarded. The Prime Minister said: “I hope you will continue to shine like a diamond and honor your nation with your deeds and deeds.” motley for the artist.

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Criticisms of Prince Charles

In addition to the festivities, the ceremony was also met with criticism for the attendance of Prince Charles. Although the king cites slavery, activists point to the lack of an apology, as well as the relationship between the island and the British crown based on the slave trade.

In an interview with CNN, David Denny, Secretary General of the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration noted: “No member of the royal family should participate in our main Freedom Day. The royal family has benefited financially from slavery and many of our African brothers and sisters have died in the battle for change.”