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Banks can cancel your credit card if you do this

Banks can cancel your credit card if you do this

a Credit card cancellation By banks it has been happening frequently in recent months. On social networks, it is common to find reports of people who have been permanently discontinued by organizations, especially those focused on digital, such as nubankAnd the InterAnd the Credit card And the C6 . Bank.

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The truth was more common than one might imagine, especially when the gadget was not charged annual income. Bank customers who owned Credit Card Canceled Or they have been notified of the suspension of the service often wondering why. Find out the main reason below!

Was the credit card cancelled? understand why

The customer who ordered or received Credit card From financial institutions, but the service was suddenly canceled, the outage can be attributed to several factors.

Most popular is by No inactivity on the account for more than 12 months, which leads to the automatic cancellation of the card. In other words, the most common reason for canceling the card is the non-use of the financial services by the customer.

In general, banks have operating limits, which may vary depending on the size of the institution that issued the card. When a customer requests a limit, but does not use it, it prevents another interested person from getting the credit and thus making profits for the company.

But don’t stop there…

In addition to the reason for the inactivity of the account and the use of the card, there are other factors that can cause Credit card cancellation. are they:

  • negative persons on the individual taxpayer register (CPF);
  • Persons with pending documents after the deadline set by the institution;
  • Persons with false documents (incomplete or with false data);
  • Persons who violate the rules specified in the Terms of Use.
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What to do if the card is canceled?

In principle, a customer whose credit card has been canceled should contact the company that manages the card to understand the reason for the cancellation. Depending on the situation, it is possible to request a reactivation or to request a new reactivation.

If the second option is the only one available, the customer must fill in a new offer again, to be submitted for analysis by the institution, which can increase or decrease the previous limit, as well as refuse to accept the service.