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Bandits send free flash drive with ransomware to businesses

US investigative agency FBI Announced the discovery of a new wave of attacks in ransomware. The technology applied is very rudimentary, but it seems to have some success rates: mail criminals pen drives Disguised as business gifts, hoping someone would deliver the device without security checks.

According to the FBI, insurance, transportation, and security companies have received packages of this type since August 2021 from the country’s local postal services. Some even mimic the Department of Health and Human Services, allegedly containing documents and guides on how to handle Covid-19, while others use the Amazon logo on the packaging.

Already known suspects

Indeed, when connected, brand flash drives work LilyGO Launch an attack known as BadUSB – a process in which the drive registers itself as a keyboard on the computer and begins executing code and downloading malware.

The investigation has already concluded that the group responsible for sending the parcel is FIN7, based in Eastern Europe and already responsible for many similar scams around the world, including other shipments of infected USB devices. The tendency is that employees do not connect this type of device coming from the post office and contact the supposed sender when in doubt.

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