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Banco Inter will issue an additional limit for customers who make purchases in the Inter Shop

Banco Inter will issue an additional limit for customers who make purchases in the Inter Shop

a Banco Inter Another novelty released. Now, FinTech customers will be able to use the “More Limits” function, which allows them to increase their credit card limit at the time of purchases made by the bank app using Inter Shop.

The new service works when a customer makes a purchase using the Inter Shop Enterprise app. Upon making a purchase, the customer will receive a percentage calculated from the value of the product purchased that will be added to the user’s credit card limit.

This functionality is ideal for a customer who needs to purchase a product, however, it does not contain the value in a credit card. Therefore, Banco Inter can expand the customer’s balance to facilitate his use in the application, thus providing more advantages for his use.

How do I find the “max” function on Banco Inter?

  1. Access to the Banco Inter app available for Android and iOS;
  2. Find the Inter Shop option, located next to the “Cashback” tab;
  3. Then select the “more limit” option;
  4. Check listed stores that may add a credit card limit;
  5. Choose one of them to make the purchase, and get a percentage to increase your limit.

It should be noted that the increase in the limit depends on the value of the product, and not on the available balance in the Inter account. In this sense, if the cap is 1,000 R $, for example, and the requested product is R $ 1,500, with an overall increase of 50%, the digital bank can free up up to R $ 500 to purchase the product from a store partner.

However, it is important to note that the customer can choose to receive the percentage of card limit or receive the percentage in cashback. Both options are not cumulative.

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