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Banco do Brasil is tasked with renegotiating the debt

NS Bank of Brazil BB begins Monday (6) a joint debt negotiation effort that runs through December 17, with discounts of up to 95% for cash payment of $ overdue debt.

It will also be possible to discount interest rates and terms of up to 100 months to renegotiate overdue operations, according to the bank.

“The terms are available to more than 3.5 million customers – individuals, rural producers and legal entities, who have defaulted on debts arising from personal credit operations, credit cards, overdrafts, etc.,” reads a note from the financial institution.

For negotiation, customers can also search for bank branches through digital channels: InternetApplication, WhatsApp (61-4004-0001) and Customer Service Center (4004-001 / 0800729 0001).

According to the executive management of BB’s operational asset collection and restructuring unit, the renegotiation team “aims to provide our clients with the possibility to renegotiate their debt, to start 2022 with peace of mind, as well as to encourage education and personal financial planning. And contribute to the recovery of the economy.”

*With information from Banco do Brasil

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