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Ban on soybean cultivation worries producers in Rondônia

Aprosoja – RO . request Ministry of Agriculture (map) Economic treatment within the national program for the control of Asian soy rust. The entity claims the right to grow soybeans on soybeans in the state, which is prohibited by MAPA.

The organization said in a statement that the ban creates fears among producers and puts Rondônia’s economy at risk.

“The sudden ban on soybean cultivation harms regions that currently produce off-season soybeans because they do not have a well-developed second crop, and imposes immediate damage on producers who have already purchased inputs for the next harvest,” the statement says.

In the document, the organization stresses that sanitary vacuuming, along with crop rotation, are the best strategies for combating Asian rust. On the other hand, the entity considers that “at the beginning of the development of culture in other countries and regions, the achievement of two successive crops by the same tactic was the most successful tactic of its economic feasibility.”

Aprosoja-RO says it expects the governor’s intervention to urgently begin negotiations with Mapa on the matter.

Check out the full document below:

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