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"bad job";  Galvão Bueno excludes Dorival Jr. and refers to Flamengo's main 'villain'

“bad job”; Galvão Bueno excludes Dorival Jr. and refers to Flamengo’s main ‘villain’


The presenter was 100% loyal when he came out in defense of the current coach who received much criticism after the draw against Ciara.

Photo: clone/BIM, Amigos - Galvão did not agree with coach Dorival's criticism.
Photo: clone/BIM, Amigos – Galvão did not agree with coach Dorival’s criticism.

a flamingo He is still bitter about the draw with Ciara in the final round of the Brazilian championship, which frustrated the fans even more after Palmeiras’ equalizer and provided the opportunity to reduce the difference in leadership. But the team led by Dorival Junior with the reserve did not perform well, which drew criticism.

The vast majority of the ‘horns’ coming from the stands were on the back of the Flamengo coach who, for many, should have opted to use the title holders, more so after the first place result. However, during “Bem, Amigos” last Monday (5), Galvão Bueno disputed this position and pointed out the real culprits in Rubro-Negro:

“I’ve seen some severe criticism of Dorival because of the squad. Dorival’s work is exceptional. A poorly done job was that of Flamengo’s board of directors. How many times have I said that Rogerio Ceni should have no way out. And Renato Gaucho didn’t have to leave because you lost the Copa Libertadores where your player stumbles over the ball and falls sitting down. Should the technician leave? Then they brought the passport. They just brought the wrong passportThe presenter, who did not stop there, began:

I stay with Arascaeta’s press conference as I speak after 2-0 in Corinthians, for Libertadores. He said: Nothing against Paulo Sousa. But he has put us in different roles than we have done all our lives. We didn’t know if it was our fault or the coach’s fault when we didn’t play well. Now each of us is playing as we have always done. Responsibility is our responsibility. I think it is clearer than that impossible. More credits to Doreval, confirmed. Finally, Galvão also spoke specifically about the score before Ceará.

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I would say that when Palmeiras tied, they were the biggest winners of the tour. And the Flamengo were, by drawing, the biggest loser of the tour. With all due respect to Ceará, Flamengo had the opportunity to cut the difference to five and ignite the championship. Palmeiras had to play with the reserve team because the match against Atletico would be very complicated. First of all: Dorival, your work is amazing. Maybe you are wrongBeen completed.