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Bad audio ends Fernanda and Beetle’s program in Multishow

Bad audio ends Fernanda and Beetle’s program in Multishow

This Monday (10), Multiple display The program premiered In bed with Betandawith two of its most controversial and eye-catching participants BP24, Beetle that it Fernanda. However, the balance was not positive.

On social media, there were countless comments about the poor sound of the program, or about the ridiculous conversation they had with actress Valentina Bandera, the program’s main attraction.


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We have to solve Fernanda’s microphone problem, “The audio and text are terrible”, “As expected, it didn’t happen. This Fernanda doesn’t exist”, “In fact, it’s terrible”Some netizens said.

However, previous BBBs have also received praise. “It was a good start. Even though I expected a more famous guest, like Tadeo Schmidt, Yvette or Juliette, it still worked. I’m sure the girls will do the job.”And one record.

newly, Beetle He sparked controversy when he revealed that he intended to take it William Bonner To attract. The comment sparked controversy online.

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