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B3 launches a zone for investors to monitor all financial investments

B3 (B3SA3) receives a new violation of federal revenue in the amount of R$1.2 billion

São Paulo – A B3 (B3SA3Friday evening (29) reported that it received a new violation of federal revenue in the amount of 1.172 billion Brazilian reais related to the calculation of positive exchange changes for investment in CME Group, due to the sale of this tranche promoted by the company in 2016.

This is the second fine that the Brazilian stock exchange has received this week. On Wednesday (27), it was B3 fined R$204 million amid questions about the goodwill amortization resulting from the merger of business with Bovespa Holdings, in May 2008, for tax purposes.

According to a statement by B3, the breach notice is based, in short, on the claim that positive exchange differences cannot be accounted for in the book value of the investment to account for capital gains from its sale.

The company wrote: “B3 will contest the above tax assessment notice within the regulatory period and reaffirm its understanding that capital gains computed on the sale of CME Group Inc. shares have been accounted for in strict compliance with tax legislation.”

B3 was already fined by Revenue in March 2020, R$336.4 million, also for selling part of its investment in CME Group Inc. , in September 2015.

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