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B: Plastic surgeons from Einstein, Serio, and São Luiz removed after suspected nasal deformity

Albert Einstein Hospital Thursday (4) opened an administrative investigation to clarify patients’ complaints against rhinoplasty specialist Alan Landecker. Sero Lebanon and São Luiz Hospitals conducted investigations and dismissed the doctor. Suspected mutilation of the noses of some patients. Information from G1.

After the surgeries, dozens of people treated by Alan Landecker developed a bacterial infection that led to deformities, loss of sense of smell, perforation as a result of the operation, or rotting of the skin.

The Civil Police and the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of São Paulo (CRIMSP) are conducting investigations to investigate patient reports.

To G1, the Israelita Albert Einstein Hospital stated that the Executive Medical Committee had carried out a management process to evaluate the performance of the physician and the complaints submitted by patients.

Serio Lebanon Hospital reported that it evaluated all patients admitted by the surgeon and did not identify any defects in the procedures and assistance provided within the institution. However, it opened an administrative investigation to assess the behavior and activities of the doctor temporarily suspended from the units.

Rede D’Or announced, in a statement, that the rhinoplasty specialist has been suspended from São Luiz and Vila Nova Star Hospitals.

In a statement, Alan Landeker dismissed the accusations and attributed the complications and abnormalities to non-compliance with guidelines for the postoperative period.

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