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Away from home, Remo beat Confiança by 2 x 1

In an effort to reclaim points lost in the last two rounds, in the Série C of the Brazilian Championship, Clube do Remo went to the northeast of the country, facing an old and well-known opponent, maintaining a long unbeaten streak of matches in Aracaju for Confianca-SE.

In a match played in the fourth round of the qualifying stage, Liao Azul again triumphed in the competition against Proletario Sergibano, with a score of 2 × 1, and striker Brenner and midfielder Albano scored for the first time for Liao; Matteo, in a beautiful goal, scored against the host team.

Watch how the match was through the bidding process

Clube do Remo made a very strong start and quickly went on the offensive in search of his first goal. After some good chances and moving the opponent’s defense after a cross from the left back of Greece in the 9th minute, striker Brenner opened the scoring for Remo: 1 x 0.

With a positive result, Azulinos athletes showed a good position from the start of the match, giving the best actions in the midfield, with a certain clarity in front of the opposing team. On the other hand, Confianca played in defense, but was unable to get past Pará’s second defensive line.

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However, little by little the proletarian gained control in the plays. Renan Jörn tried the shot and the ball went over Vinicius’ goal. Next, Adalto from Pará crosses the area and reaches Gorne again but is unable to finish. But after pressing, Konvyanka secured a tie at the end of the first half with Matthewsinho in a beautiful undefended shot in front of the Liao goalkeeper. 1 x 1.

On the way back to the final stage, on the first attempt, Confianca attempted a spinning goal in which he paired well with Carlos Eduardo in a cross in the area, but Renan Gorne ended up wasting the move. Without wasting much time, Remo quickly gave the answer, with Bruno Alves, who arrived very well but didn’t know how to conclude.

As the match progressed, coach Paulo Bonamigo made his adjustments, among which he promoted the debut of midfielder Albano, who did not take long to show efficient work. In the 19th minute, Neto crossed into the middle and in the left, Albano sent the ball to the goal, making a 2 × 1 to Remo.

Once again before the mark, Leão is back in control of the actions of the game and begins to put more and more pressure on Confiança in the search for the third goal. Through a play by striker Rodrigo Bempao, he headed towards the goal and the ball passed close to the goal, leaving the audience with a goal stuck in their throat.

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In the latter part of the match, after attacking with Albano, Fernandinho and Vanilson, in addition to Rodrigo Bimbo, Liao created two chances to expand the score, but missed the kick. In the final show, Albano still took advantage of the team’s defense error, but was parried. So the result remains.

As a result, Clube do Remo again won the competition, and now it rises in the classification of Series C. Now, Periçá is in seventh place with 7 points, but will not have the presence of striker Bruno Alves, who received a red card, already on the bench, in a duel against Brazil de Pelotas-RS.