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Award: Folha is the most admired newspaper in health and science - 11/30/2022 - Equilíbrio e Saúde

Award: Folha is the most admired newspaper in health and science – 11/30/2022 – Equilíbrio e Saúde

The binding He is one of the winners of the second Einstein + Admirados Award from Health, Science and Wellbeing Journalism. The newspaper was honored in the auto print category Claudia Special Correspondent Coluccielected + Health Journalist Admirer of the Year 2022, and Doctor Drauzio chicken poxpicked + fan columnist.

The award, promoted by the Israelita Albert Einstein Hospital, was held on Wednesday (30) and honors journalists and communicators selected in two rounds of voting.

Also awarded: Agência Fapesp (news agency), Portal Drauzio Varella (digital channel and website/blog), Revista Superinteressante (specialized publication), Why Does It Hurt? (podcast), Saúde em Foco (CBN – radio) and Fantástico (Globo – TV).

Among journalists, Andre Bernath of BBC News Brasil was second. Followed by Carolina Marcelino (CNN), Adriana Farias (CNN), Barbara Palladetti (UOL VivaBem), and Luisa Kyres (Jornal da USP).

Bethânia Nunes (Metrópoles), Cinthya Leite (Jornal do Commercio), Celia Pinho (TV Mais), André Biernath and Larissa Roso (Zero Hora) were also elected regional champions representing respectively the Midwest, Northeast, North, Southeast and South.

“The competition was great. I was happy not only for myself, but for all of us, for bindingShe celebrates Colucci.

For a journalist, the coverage of health-related issues has undergone profound changes in recent years. There has been, for example, a great increase in the production of scholarly articles, requiring specialists to choose the subjects to which they will direct their efforts.

Another shift was the loss of confidence in official sources, as happened with the Ministry of Health at the beginning of the pandemic, which led to the emergence of auto union Journalism🇧🇷

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