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Avai x Novorizontino in Series B: Where to watch, when and possible lineups

Avai x Novorizontino in Series B: Where to watch, when and possible lineups

Avai face Novorizontino on Monday night (Photo: Federico Taddeo, Avai)

Avai and Novorizontino face each other on Monday evening (8), at 8 pm, at the Resacada stadium, in Florianópolis, in the 14th round of the Brazilian Second Division. Follow the live broadcast by clicking here.

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Avai x Novorizontino in Series B: Where to watch and when

  • date: Monday, July 8, 2024;
  • time: 8pm (Brasilia time);
  • local: Resacada Stadium, in Florianopolis (SC);
  • Where to watch Avaí x Novorizontino live: Premiere, real-time from GE and CBN Floripa.

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transition CBN Floripa Avaí x Novorizontino begins at 6:30 p.m. with Leandro Lesa on duty, Marcos Cassitari as audience reporter, presentation by Mateus Boaventura, comments by Rodrigo Farraco, and narration by Salles Jr.

Currently, Leão da Ilha is in fourth place, having been overtaken by Santos, América-MG and Sport throughout the round. With 23 points, Avai can return to the top spot if they win.

While Novorizontino is in 11th place with 19 points, just five points behind the Azzurra. In other words, the win puts Sao Paulo close to Group 4 in the second division.

According to GE, coach Gilmar Dal Pozo can count on the return of midfielder Ze Ricardo, who missed the match due to suspension.

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In Novorizontino, Eduardo Baptista will not be able to count on striker Paulo Vitor, who was sent off against Mirassol.

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Check out the possible formations.

  • Hawaii: Augustus Caesar; Marcus Vinicius, Thiago Bagnosat, Gustavo Villar and Mario Sergio; Godson, Ze Ricardo (Wililan Maranhão), Giovanni and João Paulo; Higor and Garces. Technical: Gilmar Dal Pozo.
  • Novorizontino: Jordan; Luisao, Renato Palm and Patrick; Rodrigo Soares, Giovanni, Marlon and Riverson; Aguinho, Luca (Nito Pessoa) and Fabricio Daniel. Technical: Eduardo Baptista.


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