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Australians found alive after days without water in a desert area

ALICE SPRINGS, Australia – Two Australians were found alive this weekend after spending days without water in a desert area in the interior of the country. Mahesh Patrick, 14, and Shaun Emitja, 21, were located separately on Friday and Saturday near the town of Alice Springs. Police said both were dehydrated and exhausted.

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The couple’s car broke down last Monday during a four-hour trip through a remote area. They were unable to get the car back, and stayed inside that night before bringing water the next morning.

The Australians walked about 5 kilometers up the hill, when they realized that they were going in the wrong direction. According to the authorities, the two believed they were on their way to the main road in the area.

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The young man was reported missing to spend a night on the hill. Police believe it’s the only place they’ve found a water source.

“We believe the last time they had water was probably Tuesday,” Acting Commander Kirsten Engels said.

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Mahesh walked alone about 35 km and came across a fence that followed him south for two days. The boy was found on Friday night. Then he helped with the aerial searches for Emitja, on Saturday. Authorities said the two men separated for unspecified reasons.

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Police officers warned that in this case it is better for people to stay in their car, as the vehicle provides shelter and protection, in addition to being easy to locate. Given the circumstances in which the Australians were found, officials said they were “very lucky to be alive”.