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Atletico's opponent declared bankruptcy the day before the match

Atletico’s opponent declared bankruptcy the day before the match

to me Copa SudamericanaOh Atletico Paranaense He faces an opponent who is overcoming a delicate moment. The day before the tournament opened, UCAS, from Ecuador, was bankrupted by the courts, according to the country’s press. But the club denies what happened and claims it was a political maneuver.

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The information disclosed is from Rádio rea Deportiva FM, StudioFútbol, ​​BenditoFútbol, ​​peloteros.com, and Winner Magazine.

The debt is roughly $ 1.2 million (6.6 million Rials, at today’s price) with former director Ramiro Gordon. If Aucas does not confirm the payment, the court’s decision will be pursued. Also according to the aforementioned vehicles, the police reportedly confiscated the club’s assets at its Chillogallo stadium on Monday. In return, the club published a memorandum denying the events and denying the actions of the director and the press.

In the field, another crisis. About to make history when debuting in the international competition, Aucas witnesses an outbreak of Covid-19 in his team, the day before their Group D confrontation, against Atlético. There were 20 injured players.

Faced with this scenario, the team entered the Ecuadorian championship field last week, against Ecuadorian club Barcelona, ​​with only 7 players. He scored two goals in 17 minutes and lost his injured goalkeeper. With fewer than the permitted number of athletes on the field, the match was ended.

The good news is that a new batch of tests have been carried out and it has been found that a large portion of the team has recovered from Tomorrow’s Duel Against Hurricane, at 9:30 PM, in Ecuador.

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