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Atlético-MG made a profit of nearly R$1.5 million in a match in Mineirão for Libertadores;  See details |  Athlete- mg

Atlético-MG made a profit of nearly R$1.5 million in a match in Mineirão for Libertadores; See details | Athlete- mg

a Atlético MG He beat Caraubo 3-1, climbed to the Copa Libertadores stage, and earned a net income of R$1.5 million from ticket sales. a General Electric He got the ticket for the match, which had 46,000 fans.

Atlético-MG 3 x 1 Carabobo-VEN – Best Moments – Copa Libertadores second stage

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The total income of the confrontation was R$ 2.3 million. The Minas Gerais Federation is entitled to receive 5% of this amount, which represents R$115,000. Minas Arena generated a net revenue of R$45,000. Gallo’s total expenditure was R$775,151.05.

1.5 million Omani riyals from that game represents an amount nearly double what Atlético collected in the current season, in three games in Independencia (Caldenense, Democracy SL and Patrosinense), and also in Gigante da Pampulha (Mineirao), when it collected 800 thousand Brazilian riyals in net income.

In addition to the box office earnings, Atlético will also be entitled to another R$3.1 million from Conmebol for being in Phase 3 of the Libertadores. If you eliminate Colombia’s Millonarios, you’ll reach the group stage, which qualifies you for an additional prize money of R$16 million. Otherwise, if he is eliminated, he will play in the group stage of Sol Americana, which pays R$5 million.

Mineirão Stadium for Atlético x Carabobo in the Libertadores – Photo: Daniela Vega/Atlético

There is also doubt about Atlético’s field leadership in the state semi-finals. You will necessarily have the right to send the deciding game home, but have the option to switch. Something to think about, since the Mineirão music show is scheduled for the 18th, the stadium will not be able to host the second leg of the semi-finals, but it is free for the first leg.

Borderô de Galo x Carabobo in Libertadores:

  • Total audience: 46,482 gifts
  • gross income: 2,290,179.00 Brazilian reals
  • Net income: 1,462,377.95 Brazilian reals

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Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG Membership Program – Image: Disclosure