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Atlético-MG beats Fluminense in Rio and benefits in the Copa del Rey

Atlético-MG beats Fluminense in Rio and benefits in the Copa del Rey

In great performance, the Atletico MG won Fluminense In Nilton Santos, 2-1, he took advantage of a big advantage for Belo Horizonte in Brazil Cup. The Coca team scored with Nacho and Hulk, while Fred scored for the tricolor.

If you were surprised by the very correct tactical performance by Fluminense on Monday (23), then Link fur Brazilian, Coach Cuca made his moves at Atlético-MG. The Rooster corrected his mistakes, changed the attacking position and set up a team between the Tricolor defense line and the midfield.

With Hulk, Savarino and Nacho cutting to diagonals and pausing between André and Martinelli’s coverage, Minas Gerais were the catchers, and would have killed the showdown at Nilton Santos had it not been for the obstacle course and the good performance of Marcos Philippe.

Loose, the structure rules the game

One of Cuca’s changes was to fire Hulk between sectors and let the 7 shirt go from behind with the ball. In his style, the attacker was a killer. Like a tractor, he bypassed defenders, created plays, and provided and scored the winning goal for Atlético MG.

Stunning for Atlético-MG, Hulk gave a celebratory performance against Fluminense in the Copa del Rey


Isolated, unique equals the record, but does not avoid defeat

In a poor match collectively and with many individual flaws from Fluminense, Fred was the highlight of the team. In addition to the penalty kick, he took risks in the air match and created the best team moves with his shot. Even at the age of 37, the tricolor is still dependent on him. The striker reached his 36th goal in the Copa del Rey and Adel Romario is the best scorer in the history of the competition. Monday, already Has tied with Baixinho in Brazil.

Fred became the top scorer of the Brazilian Cup with 36 goals, Romario tied - Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF - Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF

Fred became the top scorer of the Brazilian Cup with 36 goals, equaling Romario

Photo: Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF

Vargas collides with attack which is the worst of the rooster

Cuca hit the offensive position, promoted a great match by the Hulk, was in Nacho the captain and in Savarino the escape. Vargas was a disappointment. The Chilean striker clashed with the team and left until he complained about the coach’s choice, who replaced him after 29 minutes of the second half.

Egidio miss another playoff and hit with flu

NS Movie Duplicate. Fluminense makes an effort, defends his territory, tries to hold on to a stronger opponent, but individual failures harm the team. This and again, Egidio was wrong in preferring an offside request rather than trying to cut the pass to Vargas, nacho He hit hard to open the scoring in the goal confirmed by the video assistant referee. After that, the left-back missed everything in attack and was a means of defense.

The athlete starts better

Not only because of the seven-year robbery nearly achieved at a target by the Hulk, the Atletico MG The game started better. Connected and intense, the Minas Gerais team reduced spaces and repositioned Nacho and Vargas between the Fluminense lines, making it difficult to cover Andre and Martinelli in this sector. Therefore, he began to press the ball and stole on the offensive field. The tricolor barely managed to make the ball work.

Atlético-MG opens the scoreboard on Fluminense at Copa do Brasil

The rooster takes advantage of the collective error and opens the scoreboard

At the age of thirteen, when Atlético-MG was already excelling on the field, he knew how to take advantage of the collective Fluminense failure. Leaving Luca Vargas alone for passes, he trusted Egidio to offside rather than cut the pass to the Chilean. Aware, through the striker, Lucas Claro broke through when trying to cut, hitting Nacho hard to defeat Marcos Felipe. In a confused motion, Nino was still swerving and trying to control the goal line, but after checking, the VAR had correctly confirmed the goal.

Nino almost face to face

Badly in the match, Flo was only afraid after 29 minutes, a free kick in the area. Luca shot well and Nino went up more than the entire defense to head the second stick and forced Iverson into a fantastic save. Almost a tie.

Jouja becomes the element of surprise

Atlético-MG Fluminense confused so much with the constant changes of position in attack that Guga found room to become an attacker. At 19, he was knocked out after a cross by Savarino. Then, at age 31, he still saved Rooster in a throw that Fred killed in the chest in the penalty area and nearly spinned to the finish.

Fred takes a penalty and becomes the best scorer in the history of the Copa del Rey

At 38, with a new ball in the zone, Nino got a rebound and tried to send Fred into the middle of the zone. Arana arrived late and kicked the feet of the three defenders. After a lengthy check on the VAR, Anderson awarded Daronko a penalty. In the group, the number 9 shirt shook the net, equalized with Romario and became the greatest goalscorer in the history of the Copa del Rey. On Monday (23), the Fluminense star already tied with Paixinho in goals at the Brasileirao stadium.

Fred tied in favor of Fluminense, tied with Romario and becomes the top scorer of the Brazilian Cup

Lucas Claro hits the ball and Hulk puts Gallo ahead

After the goal, Flo improved in the match and occupied the offensive field for a few minutes in search of a comeback. When Atlético-MG fell, Luis Henrique decided to give the ball an extra touch, at 48, and Hulk came out alone on the counterattack. Starting the No. 7 shirt for Gallo Caljar, he played with Nacho and took advantage of the failure of Lucas Claro, who scored the ball, to touch the exit of Marcos Felipe and bring the Minas Gerais team back in front of the scoreboard.

Hulk takes advantage of the counterattack and puts Atlético MG ahead against Fluminense

Atlético-MG is back better and almost expanding

Outperforming on the first stage, Atlético-MG started the second half strong, taking advantage of Fluminense’s positioning errors, and nearly expanded after four minutes. Nacho scored with Hulk and received the ball in front of the goal, but he made a mistake and missed his opportunity.

Flu tires and cock pistons

With an advantage on the scoreboard, the second half for Atlético-MG could be managing a good partial score away from home. But the Coca team, with its aggressive DNA, went to Fluminense. The pressure lasted almost the entire second time. At the age of 14, she switched to bombing the area, and Marcos Felipe saved the Tricolor. On the 26th, goalkeeper Flo appeared again to create a very difficult defense and block Guilherme Arana’s goal with a volley.

Fred seals the police

The rooster could have killed the game, and he narrowly missed an opportunity. At 31, Gabriel Teixeira put the area in the corner, Fred got up more than anyone else and headed it hard, but the ball eventually crashed into Iverson’s crossbar.

Fred stamps the model and almost paints for Fluminense in Copa de Brazil

Claim with arbitration

On the edge of the field, Kuka complained a lot and He told Hulk that “it remains to fall.”. Inside, Fred was enraged, and the Hulk complained of bugs and tricolors appearing upon the arrival of a stronger than Alan Warsaw. Annoyance and complaints remained with referee Anderson Daronko, who nevertheless made the most important decisions of the match correctly. In the end, the match ended with Nino asking for a penalty in a clash with Sasha in the penalty area.

data sheet

Fluminance 1 x 2 mg Athlete

date and time: 08/26/2021, 9:30 p.m.
Sweetened: Nilton Santos Stadium, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Rule: Anderson Daronko (FIFA/RS)
Auxiliaries: Rafael da Silva Alves (FIFA/RS) and Michael Stanislaw (RS)
Video arbitrator: Daniel Nobre Pines (RS)

Objectives: Nacho Fernandez (13ft/1ºT) (0-1) Fred (41ft/1ºT) (1-1) Hulk (48min/1ºT) (1-2)
yellow cards: Fred (Floe), Alan (Cam)

luminous: Marcus Philip; Samuel Xavier, Nino, Lucas Claro and Egidio; Andre and Martinelli (Nonato) and Iago Philippe (Neni); Luiz Henrique (Arias), Luca (Gabriel Teixeira), and Fred (Pobadilla). idiomatic: reference.

Athlete – MG: Iverson. Goga, Igor Rabelo, Alonso and Arana; Alan (River) Zaratcho and Nacho Fernandez (Chi Chi); Savarino (Nathan), Vargas (Kino) and Hulk (Eduardo Sacha). idiomatic: Coca.

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