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Atletico MG beat Inter 1-0 in Belo Horizonte and topped Serie A

Atletico MG beat Inter 1-0 in Belo Horizonte and topped Serie A

A game without much inspiration, but a result that gives a deep breath to Atletico MG. On Saturday night (2), Alfinegro beat Internacional 1-0, at Mineirao Stadium, and reached 49 points in the Brazilian Championship, to follow with good weight at the top of the most important competition in the country. Backed by just over 7,000 fans, Jallow laid a stone in mourning for their recent elimination in the semi-finals of the Editors. Keno scored the goal after 33 minutes of starting the second stage.

The duel of the cock, who now has 15 unbeaten matches in the Italian league, will be on Wednesday (6), against the team. Chapecoense. The match is scheduled for 19:00 (GMT) at the Arena Conda. Inter, in turn, will face Ciara, at the same time, but in Castellao.

Re-meet the crowd

Despite already earning crowd support in the Libertadores quarter-finals, Gallo broke a nearly 670-day gap without Massa in Brazilian matches. The last time was on December 4, 2019, in a 2-0 win over Botafogo, in the penultimate round of that year’s competition.

Who did well: Iverson and Arana

With his excellent defenses in both halves, the Atletico goalkeeper was perhaps the best on the pitch on Saturday night at Mineirao.

In turn, the left-back proved once again to be very brave, and in farewell before introducing himself to the national team, he also put in a good game.

Who Was Wrong: Nacho

The Argentine, Brain Gallo, did not have a good night at Gigante da Pampulha, with little inspiration. In the 30th of the second half, he was replaced by Chi Chi

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Atlético-MG struggles to find space ‘inside’

Coca’s team had problems creating goal-scoring opportunities in the first half. Except for a shot from Sasha, from the front of the zone, Atlético-MG struggled to find spaces in the central zone. And when he did, he got quick triangles. But the first passes were always stopped right before the penalty area. From both sides, Arana and Mariano were called up several times. However, a great opportunity did not appear.

Inter presses and escalates the counterattack with the triple

Internacional’s position at the start of the match was to distinguish Atletico MG even on the offensive field. The pressure helped create a more competitive scenario in fencing. But Colorado’s real strategy was to block Rooster’s pass and take advantage of mistakes to counterattack. Two great opportunities for the first stage were born this way. In both, Yuri Alberto introduced and Iverson left.

Even Nacho is looking for the rest of the team

A scene, midway through the first half, that sums up what was a good part of Gallo’s performance. Receiving the ball near the right wing, in the attack, Nacho Fernandez raised his arms and called his teammates to approach. The Argentine ended up being the target of a foul and, as a result, the team charged. The spacing between pieces helped in poor offensive play.

Coca Changes Scheme

As the team did not turn out as expected, Cuca spoiled the Atlético-MG scheme, putting Savarino and Keno on the field, and taking Sasha and Jair.

First big chance

Atlético-MG’s first real chance to open the scoreboard against Internacional came in the 29th minute of the second half. Keanu, the opportunist, took advantage of a cross pass, and hit the net, but saw the ball pass erratically near Daniel’s bar.

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It was worth the persistence and help

Three minutes later, at age 32, after a fine move from Hulk, the 11th jersey puffed the net and ran for a hug. He had the task of slapping the ball and sending off the Colorado goalkeeper.

In addition to awarding the win to Gallo, Keno scored the team’s 100th goal from Minas Gerais in Brazil for consecutive points.

game card
MG 1 X 0 International Athlete

reason23rd round of the Brazilian Championship
data: October 2, 2021 (Saturday)
Sweetened: Mineirao, in Belo Horizonte
Table: 9 pm (from Brasilia)

Referee: Luiz Flavio de Oliveira, assisted by Danilo Ricardo Simon Manes and Miguel Cattaneo Ribeiro da Costa. Video Assistant Technology: Jose Claudio Rocha Filho. All from Sao Paulo.

yellow cards: Zaracho (Cam) Arana and Nacho; Rodrigo Dorado and Victor Cuesta (international)
Goal: Keno, 32 minutes from the start of the second half, in favor of Atlético MG.

Athlete – MG: Iverson. Mariano (Goga), Nathan Silva, Junior Alonso and Guilherme Arana; Yair (Kino), Alan Zarachu and Nacho Fernandez; Eduardo Sacha (Savarino) and Hulk. Technician: Kookai

international: Daniel. Saravia, Bruno Mendes, Cuesta, Moises; Rodrigo Dorado (Guerrero), Rodrigo Lindoso, Edenelson, Tyson and Patrick; Yuri Alberto. Coach: Diego Aguirre

general: 7166 gifts
Enter: 355,804.00 BRL