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Athletes criticize Rogero Ceni after reprimanding Marcos Paolo

Athletes criticize Rogero Ceni after reprimanding Marcos Paolo

*With Andre Hernan

Rogero Ceni’s rebuke of Marcos Paulo with his hand on his chest and finger raised sent most of the Sao Paulo players on a collision course with the coach. The episode was seen yesterday (15) at the Training Center and will lead to a new conversation between the athletes and the coach later today (16) at Tricolor Stadium, with the possibility of the directors participating.

People who witnessed the fight told the report that no one believed the scene and that the atmosphere was generally awkward. The episode made the athletes complain to the board of directors. a UOL Sports I confirmed the information that was initially disclosed before GEHe sought a position in São Paulo, but received no response.

A source who heard it said “You couldn’t even say it was a discussion. Marcos Paolo didn’t say much. He listened calmly, in a pose and said he didn’t mean to offend Ceni.”

Cine accused Marcos Paulo of publishing a song saying that “hypocrisy and sympathy are a toxic mixture”. The former goalkeeper asked Al Riyadi about the message and heard it was not a hint. The attacking midfielder continues to receive some criticism from the coach.

Another source heard by the report said that Ceni no longer has a good relationship with athletes, that he does not explain much to the group about his decisions and that he ignores some athletes in a way considered unprofessional with Gabriel Neves, Luan and even Marcos Paulo.

Nor did the players want to see the former goalkeeper respond to a question about Marcos Paulo’s lack of chances with the phrase “lack of intensity”. According to them, this needs to be talked about only inside the locker room.

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For the first time this season, players believe a coach can be fired based on the results sequence. In addition, they reported that other indirect episodes were not charged in the same way by the trainer.

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