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At the top of the list, Adele holds a Platinum certification in the UK

At the top of the list, Adele holds a Platinum certification in the UK

Adele It released its first album in six years on November 19th, and did not have to wait long to get certified platinum in the UK, where it became the best-selling. 300 thousand copies And continues for the second week in a row.

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Last week alone, the album sold an equivalent of 102,000 copies in the UK – 81% of those sales were physics and digital downloadable albums. Single “Easy on m“It simply came to our notice then 69 thousand equivalent copies. The song was very well received 8.4 million streams Sites.

In the United States, the results should not be so different, according to Hits Daily Double Predictions. 30 ″ The second week will be even stronger, earning around 260 thousand units Equivalents are sold there. The estimate is approx 201,000 derived from the pure sale of Adele’s new album, Digital or physical.

The singer has confirmed the release of the video “I Drink Wine”

Even so “God”Will be the second official solo, Adele has already confirmed the music video “I drink alcohol”. In your participation in the channel YouTube NikkieTutorials, The British singer confirmed the video to host Nicky Adele, who did makeup on only one side of her face to show the power of makeup.I drink alcohol”Has already been registered. It has also been revealed that this will be a fun video.

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When selecting your favorite songs from the album, select “”My Little Love”,”Wait” e “I drink alcohol“Among her favorites, Adele said:

“‘I drink wine’, I realized when I listened to it while writing the lyrics, I’m actually making a lot of progress, the music video was filmed a while ago, it’s fun! It’s an exaggerated thing you will never see. I think there are so many fun parts! ”