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Na COP-26, ONG chama atenção para a ‘situação crítica’ da Amazônia: ‘Emergência’

At COP-26, the NGO draws attention to the ‘critical situation’ in the Amazon: ‘Emergency’

Plumes of smoke rise from illegal fires in the Amazon region on September 15, 2021 – AFP

Amazon Watch CEO Leila Salazar Lopez said Thursday, 4th, that the situation in the jungle is critical. “The Amazon is at a tipping point. The Amazon is in a state of emergency,” he warned during a press conference at the Climate Convention (COP-26), in Glasgow, Scotland.

She stressed that numbers were said a lot at the event about helping the region, but little practical action was observed. “In the past few days, we have heard billions to protect Indians and forests,” he said.

However, according to the director, it is necessary to exclude the financing of activities in the oil sector and other fossil fuels around the world.

Regarding the region specifically, she highlighted the presence of companies in this sector in Ecuador, Peru and “all over the Amazon.” “We don’t have any more time. We have to stop funding to stop the deterioration.”

Indigenous leader Huetuto Moro, Jorge Perez, said that there are communities with basic nutritional problems and that in some areas there are waters contaminated with this type of activity, with people with serious health problems. What he wants is for officials to take this responsibility and stop creating environmental problems.

The government is unwilling or unable to answer the question about a request to end exploitative activity in Peru. “We ask the authorities, financial institutions and banks to accompany us in our demands and that these activities do not represent a problem for the people,” he added.

Representatives of NGOs and indigenous tribes who attended the press conference also strongly criticized the presence of oil companies in the area, citing examples of deterioration in the area and negative interference in local communities. Likewise, they added to the chorus of requests to suspend funding for the sector.

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