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Astronauts ‘trapped’ in space confident they’ll return to Earth in Boeing capsule | Science

Astronauts ‘trapped’ in space confident they’ll return to Earth in Boeing capsule | Science

Who are the astronauts “trapped” in space?

Astronauts Barry “Butch” Wilmore and Sunny Williams, who were supposed to return to Earth on June 12, They said on Wednesday (10) that they were “confident” that they would return safely.

This came in a press conference broadcast live from the International Space Station (ISS).

“We are very confident that the tests we are doing are what we need to get the right answers and the data we need to come back,” Wilmore said.

But the return was postponed three times. And the NASAThe North American Space Agency has not yet announced a new date. Learn in this report about the details of who are “stuck” in space.

I have a good feeling in my heart that this capsule will get us home, no problem.

-Sonny Williams

“We’ve been through a lot of simulations… and I think at the point where we’re at now, I feel confident that if we had to, if there was a problem with the International Space Station, we could get to our spacecraft, detach, talk to our team and figure out the best way to get home,” Williams added.

The Starliner spacecraft can be docked to the International Space Station for a maximum of 45 days, according to the agency’s authorities.

NASA astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams aboard the Starliner spacecraft. – AP Photo/Chris O’Meara

🚀Who is Barry Wilmore?

  • Wilmore was raised in Mount Juliet, Tennessee (USA). 61 years and he Retired US Navy Captain.
  • he He spent 178 days in space throughout his career.There were 8,000 flight hours and 663 landings on aircraft carriers.
  • Participated in flights in Military operations in Iraq and Bosnia.
  • Boeing’s mission is your mission. Third on the International Space Station.
  • He was part of Expedition 41, between September and November 2014, to explore the composition of meteorites and the muscular and skeletal changes caused by space. On this mission, he spent 167 days outside Earth and performed four spacewalks.
  • He is married to Diana Newport and has two daughters.
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🚀Who is Sonny Williams?

  • At the age of 58 astronaut NASA Since 1998 And a veteran of two space missions.
  • And the Second female astronaut with longest spacewalk: 50 hours and 40 minutes.
  • It’s already passed More than 3 thousand flight hours, On 30 different aircraft.
  • As a member of the NEEMO2 crew, It was underwater for 9 days. In NASA’s Aquarius underwater laboratory.
  • In 1989, he was He was promoted to naval pilot. He began reporting to the USS Combat Helicopter Squadron. He participated in missions in the Mediterranean, Red Sea and Persian Gulf.
  • In September 1992, he was part of a Relief operation for victims of Hurricane Andrew In Miami, Florida.
  • She is married and considers Needham, Massachusetts (USA) as her hometown.

Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft launches to the International Space Station on the morning of June 5. – AP Photo/Chris O’Meara

Watch the video below as the spacecraft takes off:

Astronauts arrive at International Space Station on Boeing test flight

Starliner space capsule – Image: Boeing