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AstraZeneca vaccine efficacy has 'significant decline'

AstraZeneca vaccine efficacy has ‘significant decline’

AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine contains A ‘Significant decrease’ in efficacy when patient exposed to micron variableAccording to UK Health Safety Agency data released on Friday (12/10) by the BBC.

The survey also notes a “significant” drop in the effectiveness of Pfizer’s vaccine against Covid-19. the Modern formulas or Janssen, but the agency believes it will also fall for the new alternative.

in a Interview with the Guardian newspaperSusan Hopkins, the agency’s chief medical officer, says the data shows that anyone who received two doses more than three months ago is not without symptoms of Covid-19.

According to the paper, individuals who took the AstraZeneca vaccine for more than 25 weeks had a 40% protection against cases with delta-variable symptoms and only 10% against Ômicron. However, the numbers are still uncertain, as few cases have been analyzed, and in the country, the immunizing agent has been given mainly to the elderly and patients in high-risk groups, who are traditionally more vulnerable to infection.

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After the booster or third dose, protection is 75% against microns, slightly lower than the other variables. The analysis considered information from 581 patients with the variant and thousands with delta. The survey has not been published in a scientific journal or peer-reviewed yet.

Although the data is preliminary, the British Health Agency reaffirms that vaccines are still available Protection from serious Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Information on symptom severity of patients with Micron should be published next week.