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As vespas são, provavelmente, viajantes vindas da França

Asian bee-eating hornets cause concern in UK – News

The presence of hornets on the island of Guernsey on the British-owned English Channel has alarmed local officials and experts. The reason for this attention is that each of these insects can eat up to 50 bees a day, endangering the environment. In addition, a bite of the species can kill an allergic person.

Francis Russell, co-ordinator of the Hornet project, told the Mirror Taploid that the insect invasion began on April 19 when the first specimen was discovered. Last Thursday (21) another wasp was trapped in the garden on the island. This week, a third of them lay dead on the side of the road.

Russell explains that there has been no pattern of invasive species appearing in the UK until this year, so he urges residents in the region to help monitor the situation. The idea is that they should try to prevent it from reaching the mainland of the country.

Experts are hopeful that the situation will not get worse. Now that the insects have been discovered in late spring, it may be a sign that they are from other countries, but they have already lived on the island for a long time.

“We think they’re coming from France. The wind should be blowing from the Northeast next week,” Russell said. More will be found, “he said.

A project in Guernsey has used more than 260 traps in recent weeks to catch wasps before they build nests. Another goal is to increase the number of queen bees in the region until summer arrives in the Northern Hemisphere.

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