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'As It Was' debuted at number one in the Harry Styles UK singles rankings

‘As It Was’ debuted at number one in the Harry Styles UK singles rankings

There is no one above him! No one was surprised, Harry Styles Introduction to the track “As it was” Straight Top of the UK singles list. That’s right! Song from the singer’s new album, “Harry’s House”The debut last Thursday (31) was a real hit shortly after. Guaranteed the largest single sale week in 2022.

Harry Styles. Photo: Instagram harrystyles

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Introducing his outstanding career, “As it was” I came inside Directly above the official singles rankings Offila Charts2022 reaches the biggest opening week of any solo. By the final count of its first week, the track was incredibly high 94 thousand sales in the rankings.

The music still reached 10.5 million streams in the last seven daysAccording to information from the British parade – This year is the biggest week of UK streams on any track so far. It is also the most downloaded song of the week Official Download Chart.

Photo: Revelation

As a result of Harry’s grand arrival, no. “Starlight”This led to four consecutive weeks, Dave, Took second place this week ஐச் And Ashanti And drop one spot to 3rd “Baby”.

Harry is not the only one to win big numbers with his new single on British soil. The singer is coming Dominates the global stream and sales chart Since the song was released. Although its premiere will take place on March 31st, in just seven days, the track is already showing its full potential on the platforms, Broke some records in the music chart.

The numbers already speak for themselves. அதுவாAs it were ” Already delivered Harry Styles The Best Sales Week in the US For a song released in 2022 More than 200 thousand units. All this in the number of its first four full days, According to the data illustrated.

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Also keep in mind that the music that comes with the freezing pulse is intact Ranked No. 1 on Spotify Global with 10.427 million streams. Are already Five days in # 1.