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Articles by UFPE researchers cited by the 2021 Nobel Committee in Physics |  Pernambuco

Articles by UFPE researchers cited by the 2021 Nobel Committee in Physics | Pernambuco

Four articles by researchers from the Federal University of Pernambuco (UVPE) cited by this year’s Nobel Committee for Physics, which scientists Siokoro Manabe, Klaus Hasselmann and Giorgio Baresi declared to be 2021 Nobel Prize winners in Physics (See the video above).

The award was announced on Tuesday (5). UFPE researchers Anderson Gomez, Antonio Murillo Macdow, Syed Bartolomeo de Araujo, Ernesto Raposo, and Leonardo de Sousa Menezes were surprised by this quote.

Anderson Gomez explained that each year, the Nobel Committee for Physics of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences selects the Nobel laureates to win the Nobel Prize and, along with this selection, publishes a comprehensive document justifying the reason for awarding the prize and quoting associated works. With that area of ​​the award related to the selection.

“It surprised us that within the works mentioned in this document there were three articles published by our group. This certainly left us, in addition to feeling amazed, very happy,” he said.

Anderson Gomez said the UFPE group received a quote with amazement and joy – Image: Reproduction/TV Globo

In this year in which the UFPE Department of Physics completed five decades, shining a light on the world is yet another recognition for those who believe in science and research as an alternative to solving the world’s complex problems.

Only the Brazilian works in the report.Scientific background on the Nobel Prize in Physics 2021“,” articles from UFPE, which collaborated with other researchers, help to understand Professor Giorgio Baresi’s contribution to physics.

Na parte de sistemas fotônicos, os trabalhos são: “Observing Lévy distribution and symmetry breaking in random lasers from one set of measurements”, “The coexistence of turbulence-like behaviors and glass in a photosystem”, e “Symmetry breaking in the spontaneous mode-locking phase” of magneto-photonic magnetism in a multi-mode Nd:YAG laser”. Os artigos corresponding, respectivamente, às Referências 33, 34 e 74 do documento.

In the field of magnetic systems, reference was made to the article “Stability of a Sherrington-Kirkpatrick solution to the spin glass model”, 21 of the document.

Siokoro Manabe, Klaus Haselmann and Giorgio Baresi won the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physics – Image: Reproduction/TV Globo

The Nobel Committee document writes, in a free translation, that reference number 34 “(…) links Haselmann’s early work to Parisi and the role of chaos and fluctuations in complex systems in general.”

Professor Syed Araujo is one of the founders of this department and celebrates with the team.

“We were among the first group of physicists who came to the city and fortunately, in addition to the physics department, there are now several departments in the university that also conduct research and publish important work in different fields and in different countries and in various journals.”

Antonio Murillo Macdow spoke about the importance of conducting this joint study – Image: Reproduction/TV Globo

Antonio Murillo Macdow stated that the most interesting feature of this collaboration between theorists and experimentalists was the realization of the importance of conducting this joint study, each one contributing its own discipline, with its knowledge.

“Thanks to this collaboration, which lasted five years or so, we were able to determine, from a theoretical and empirical point of view, what contributions can be made to what has been the main topic of the magnetism segment for the 2021 Nobel Prize.”, he said.

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