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Arthur and Paulo Andre watch the fight between Gustavo and Natalia

Arthur and Paulo Andre watch the fight between Gustavo and Natalia

Fire in the stadium! While Natalia and Gustavo argued in room “BBB 22” (TV Globo)Paulo Andre and Arthur Aguiar watched everything live from the commander’s room.

“Is there a disagreement there?” asked Palestine, who was watching the two brothers talking in the living room of the house. “I don’t think so,” replied the actor. Which faces a false wall next to Lin da Quebrada, Gustavo and Eliezer.

Arthur asked, “I think there was a ‘little clash’, yes. Watch out, kid.” “With Gustavo. It is,” said the athlete.

“Water is still. “Water, water,” she said, I tried to guess the actor. “What a madness,” PA analyzed

Arthur asked, “I think these discussions are funny. What a madness! Play the audio for us to follow up on this review. The audio could really be for us to hear. Look at Ellie swaying softly.” He added with a laugh: “I want a sound, a sound! Where is the sound?”

Watching the meaty end, the duo ran into the grunge room to question Gustavo about what had happened.

“Raise your voice, Gustavo. We were watching film On mute, what happened? What was the matter? It was water and powdered milk, right? ‘ asked Arthur.

“Also,” replied Gustavo. The actor said, “I knew it! What a madness. But, well done you set foot in. We celebrated when you left. I went out, took a breath, and drank some water…”.

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