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Arsenal Drama As They See The Title Is Lost – 04/16/2023

It looked like yesterday’s Galo x Vasco at Mineirão with the switch signals and the same result.

As a visitor, Arsenal scored 2-0 in ten minutes at West Ham, as a result of absolute dominance, unlike Vasco, who did not dominate, but also scored 2-0 in ten minutes.

If Atletico went to pressure, were reduced at the end of the first half and had countless chances to equalize without achieving it, then West Ham were also reduced at the end of the first half.

He started the second half under pressure, but quickly awarded Paqueta a penalty, which Saka missed when he took it out.

Then, two minutes later, in the eighth, West Ham equalized, with a wonderful goal, and what seemed like a crush, with an initial goal by Gabriel Jesus, to reduce the difference between leaders Arsenal and runners-up Manchester City, turned into drama. for the gunner.

With a game more than City, and missed facing the strong Guardiola team, De Bruyne and Haaland on the next 26, in Manchester, the difference, most likely, decreased to only one point.

Nineteen years without titles carry great weight, even more so in a young team like the Londoners who opened 2-0 for the second match in a row and allowed a draw, like Liverpool.

Only Liverpool is Liverpool and West Ham fighting to stay away from relegation.

Guardians like this blogger always woo his team, but, in this case, also Jose Trajano’s friend like blogger, it’s a shame, because if Ameriquinha wasn’t enough, Arsenal is his second love.

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Likewise against Liverpool, the Londoners must remain grateful that they did not lose, saving the crossbar for what would be the goal for the hosts, as well as the Londoners, in the 80th minute.

Today, City is 129 years old. What a gift!