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Arminio Aguiar dos Santos: Vote with the knowledge |  Opinion

Arminio Aguiar dos Santos: Vote with the knowledge | Opinion

Since 1948, the Brazilian Association for the Advancement of Science (SBPC) It works to improve education, culture, science, technology and innovation (ST&I) in the country.

Alarmed by the current turmoil and institutional reversal, the SBPC invites candidates for the presidency and the National Congress to support the “Project for a New Brazil” http://portal.sbpcnet.org.br/observatorio-eleicoes2022/ for the sake of democratic country truly; culture, science, technology and innovation; Basic education, higher education and postgraduate studies; health; environment and human rights; public security, racial and gender equality; Indigenous peoples and dealing with climate change. If these ideas are shared, the candidate for Senate and Chamber should send an email to [email protected] promising to work in this direction during his tenure of office. SBPC will disclose to the general public the names of the subscribers.

Thus, the SBPC Regional Secretariat in Ceará invites candidates to the State Government and Parlimentto endorse the proposals for the ST&I sector.

We highlight the reaffirmation of commitment to the Ceará Government agreement signed in 2018 with audit office In increasing ST&I’s fiscal implementation annually up to 2% of the state pool set forth in the state constitution. This agreement made it possible to implement the chief scientist’s program, which is already active in 20 departments, which in the health led to the development of the Elmo helmet in the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The Academy looks forward to dialogue with the state government at the regular meetings of the Supreme Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, where the authorities First class Together with the governor, they determine the structural guidelines for the sector in Ceará and may carry out academic exchanges between units located in the countryside and in the capital.

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Moreover, we lack scientific publication procedures to raise the basic education of our youth. And the expansion of technological innovation in the companies based here. It is also essential for the government to staff the ST&I government agency, Funcap, which is essential for careful analysis of research projects.

To endorse such ideas, it is sufficient for the candidate to ruler of Ciara The state representative sends an email to [email protected] promising to work in the state. SBPC will disclose to the general public the names of the subscribers.

in 2022 elections It will be special, and it is very important to appreciate the role of science for the benefit of humanity.