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Ariadne Arantes slams pocket influencer

And the atmosphere heated up between ex-BBB11 and former No Limite Ariadne Arantes and pocket artist and makeup artist Augustin Fernandez. It all started when Ariadne commented on a post in the “Queen Matos” gossip file that talked about the makeup artist’s birthday party, which brought together the first lady and other people from the government.

“Mamata is going to end,” she wrote with a needle. Augustine then replied to Ariadne, calling her “irrelevant” and stating that she “keeps grumbling online to get people’s attention.”

“Another irrelevant stay on the internet grumbles to get people’s attention. The only relevant thing I’ve done so far has been translating the restaurant menu during lead singer Anita’s tour of Italy,” the makeup artist said.

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“Honestly, you see? You’ll hit one in your life, ‘love’, there’s still time. Note: Google how to sign up for a flight on a FAB plane,” said the influencer. Ariadne did not leave the matter and answered again.

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“Honey, I don’t whine online. Unfortunately, I’m, yes, part of a minority. I didn’t translate lists for Anita, her singer and my friend, because you’re so misleading, and she can speak Italian,” he began.

“Who are you to say I have to get my life right? Do you know anything about my life? My ways, my accomplishments?” asked Ariadne, “Improve my dear.”

“I’m not going to Google how to get a FAB flight, do you know why? When do I want to fly to Egypt, France, USA, South Africa, Northern Ireland, Argentina, Ireland, England, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Germany, Holland, Thailand, Denmark, Sweden, among others I went, and I pay my money, and I don’t stop. This is for you,” I picked up.

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