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Argentine newspaper pays tribute to Richardson

Argentine newspaper pays tribute to Richardson

“Why in Brazil are so fond of Bricharlison?” asks Olé, Argentina’s main sports newspaper, in an article that lists the reasons for the Brazilian fan’s identification with the Everton, England and Brazil striker.

Despite the constant provocation of the Argentines, the press “Hermana” raised the player’s social conscience and human image.
The newspaper highlighted the fans’ affection for the dove on social networking sites, and put his life story and his repeated positions on Twitter, as one of the reasons for identification. “They like him very much. There are several reasons. One of them is his origin, like many successful footballers, of many financial constraints. He is a person with a great social conscience, which is shown in his positions of solidarity”, says the post signed by Juan Pablo Méndez. .

Indeed, Richarlison’s involvement in social issues stands out within the category of athletes, especially in football. He is an ambassador for the USP, and is responsible for calling in dignitaries and companies to make donations. In addition, the player often posts posts warning about the importance of vaccination and taking care of the environment and also uses his influence to protest racist situations, and of course jokes with fans and even other characters.

“In England, he was awarded for his charitable activity by the Association of Professional Players. During the pandemic, he donated supplies to the residents of Nova Venice, his hometown, which included food, toiletries and even house cleaning. With regard to education, when he was awarded by a legislature, he asked assistance so that Brazilian students can participate in the Math Olympiad,” the newspaper highlighted.

And the league remembers, despite praising the player, that he usually provokes Argentine players in confrontations and on social networking sites. “He is a figure highly appreciated by the press, but not for his provocations in Argentina, where he clashed with De Paul and even Di Maria responded to a comment. His charisma is the deciding factor,” he says.

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For the Brazilian national team, Richarlison won the Copa América 2019, scoring one of the goals of the final against Peru which Brazil won 3-1, in addition, the 24-year-old returned from Tokyo with the Olympic gold, being the jersey. 10. Finishing the competition as the top scorer in the Olympic Games with 5 goals.

Pompeo has 32 matches, 10 goals and three assists in the Brazilian national team shirt, and he is one of the names who had good chances to be in the 23 list for the Qatar Cup in 2022.