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Are you ready to learn to play soccer?

Are you ready to learn to play soccer?

Douglas Costa arrived in Syndicate As one of the big enhancements to Brazilian football in recent years. After years in Europe, the striker is back where he started his career and working experience with several coaches, including Pep Guardiola.

In an interview with Doda Garbi, YoutubeDouglas analyzed the period with the Spanish captain and revealed an unusual question when he was about to be appointed Bayern Munich In 2015.

“When he called me, he asked if I was ready to learn to play football. I said,“ I’m ready, but your team is very good. ”I looked at Robin at one end and Ribery at the other end asked him where he would be a good fit. “.

The striker highlighted Guardiola’s key role in tactical development as well as his knowledge of what to do on the field.

“It was changing my life, he put me at a high level, but he made it clear to me. He didn’t park me in a powerful car and drive there, understand? He put me in a position to be able to drive that car. Others. I played 12 or 13 games and gave 13 assists. In every match I used to do something very important. “

Grêmio promotion still has no history to debut with the Tricolor Gaúcho shirt.