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Are at risk of hacker attacks!

Technological devices are vulnerable to attacks and there are preventative methods that can contain them. this time , Google issued May newsletter To warn about the dangers that Android users are exposed to with the old device, especially the Pixel smartphone.

What could fix the problem? Know that protection is just a click away!

Google warns of security issues

The alert has been issued for all Android devices, including the Pixel.

In the bulletin, there is information that the current system has security holes that can affect devices, indicating that security patches 2023-05-05 and previous versions have the same problem.

Thus, the bulletin indicated that these vulnerabilities in the system may be able to expose users.

“The most serious of these issues is a high security vulnerability in the framework component which can lead to local escalation of MLM without having to MLM Google said.

Check if the above material is sufficient

The tech giant reports that this local privilege escalation occurs when a particular user has rights in other users’ system. The full list of errors found can be found at the link to the newsletter issued by the company.

But after all, how can users get rid of all these security issues?

How not to suffer from security scams?

The hardware is in dire need of an update. If you have an Android or Pixel device, know that the software needs an update. If the update has not yet become available to you, know that you can update the device in the Settings tab.

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When the Settings menu opens, look for the “Software Update” option and wait and download the new version. The update may take some time to become available as the newsletter was released recently.

However, be prepared to update the device when the software allows.