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Archaeologists crack an egg that was intact 1,000 years ago

Archaeologists crack an egg that was intact 1,000 years ago

A group of archaeologists from Israel They made a wonderful discovery in the Yavneh region, a small town of no more than 30,000 inhabitants in the central region of the country. It’s an egg Hen dating back at least 1,000 years which, surprisingly, was still intact, however, after collecting the artifact, which was in a pit in antiquity Industrial area From the city, the researchers ended up accidentally breaking the egg.

The discovery was made during excavations conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), which was looking for artifacts that predated the establishment of factories that had captured that area of ​​the city at other times. When they found the egg, the researchers were able to remove it from the hole that still exists perfect condition.

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Archaeologist Alla Nagorsky holds the egg found in Yavne. Source: Gilad Stern / Israel Antiquities Authority

“We were surprised to find it,” excavation chief Ala Nagorsky told the Israeli newspaper. Ha’aretz. “Every now and then we find fragments of eggshell, but a whole egg is unusual,” the archaeologist added. In addition to being without a latch, the egg did not spoil or rot either, because it fell or was placed in the toilet and rolled up. rubbish, destroy, destroy, creating anaerobic conditions for its preservation.

Broke, but there is a way

However, while the researchers were working on the egg in the lab, it ended up cracking at the bottom and cracking, much to the chagrin of the scientists. “On the positive side, some egg yolk remained in the shell and will be used for analysis in the future DNAAnd it probably had to be broken down at some point to study its interior,” says IAA archaeologist Lee Berry Gal.

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In addition to the egg, three bony dolls, typical of the 21st century, and an oil lamp were found in the same excavations. Due to the distinctive style of this lamp, archaeologists concluded that it was approximately 1,000 years old, leading them to speculate that the egg was from the same period.

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Poultry specialist Perry Gall said fragments of eggshell were known from earlier times. “But because of the fragility of the eggshell, almost no whole chicken eggs have been preserved,” the professor added. Bigger and stronger eggs, like eggs ostrichThey are found quite often, some of which have even been discovered decorated, which dates back to a practice of at least 60,000 years ago.

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