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Apple Watch Series 7 keyboard feature targets US prosecution - 09/19/2021

Apple Watch Series 7 keyboard feature targets US prosecution – 09/19/2021

On the same day it was announced that New iPhone 13, a Apple also released the new version of its smartwatchApple Watch Series 7. Among the new features is a larger screen and a new QWERTY keyboard app.

The latest news is the target of a lawsuit against Apple. The company is accused of copying the idea of ​​a smartwatch app called FlickType. On Twitter, the creator of the resource, Costa Eleftherio, warned that he should take the story to US court.

Eleftheriou’s invention is a keyboard app released in 2018. There is an iOS version and an Apple Watch version. Eleftheriou has also created another version of the keyboard app for the blind and people with low vision, sparking another row with Apple. The company claims that the feature does not work without full access to the network and other iOS features. Eleftheriou ended up giving up on keeping the app live.

But Eleftheriou’s latest story against Apple began in March 2021, when he sued the company to remove FlickType from Application shop do Iphone. In a statement, Apple notified the creator that its app had been blocked for violating iOS user interface guidelines.

It was a surprise that Eleftheriou received the launch of the Apple Watch Series 7 with an app very similar to yours. In the first lawsuit, the company allegedly tried to buy FlickType for the smartwatch and removed the app from the App Store to force it to sell it cheaper and devalue its feature.

Ao The Verge website, A Apple claimed who changed his mind over time. Originally, the company didn’t think it was appropriate to include a keyboard on the small screen of a smartwatch, but in 2019 it saw the potential of the idea and encouraged watch keyboard apps. The company admitted that deleting the Eleftheriou app was a bug that has now been fixed. FlickType is for sale on the App Store.

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However, Eleftheriou says it took a year for Apple to bring FlickType back to the App Store. The keyboard version for the Apple Watch isn’t approved until January 2020. The FlickType creator also accuses Apple of allowing false reviews about its app to be posted in the App Store, and says that competing apps are the author of the reviews.

Within this dispute, Eleftheriou has become a great enemy of Apple and uses a file social networks To expose the company’s problems. As for the dispute over the keyboard app, he warned in a Twitter post that he would see Apple in court.