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Apple wants to pay $30 million to close each employee's work magazine - 11/15/2021

Apple wants to pay $30 million to close each employee’s work magazine – 11/15/2021

Apple has agreed to pay nearly $30 million (about R$164 million) in damages to close a lawsuit brought by the company’s store employees in the United States. There, a group of employees sued Apple for not paying for the time their property was searched.

As a result of the class action, approximately 12,000 employees and former employees of Apple Stores in California are expected to receive up to $1,200 (about R$6,500). The deal proposed by Apple is still subject to analysis by the group that has sued the company.

Understand the process

The process was lifted in 2013 by employees working at Apple Stores in California (USA). They claimed they had to go through a 5- to 20-minute search process while at work or at the end of the day, and were not compensated for it – which the lawsuit said violated California labor laws.

Apple has claimed that the search process is part of its security measures, and that employees have a choice not to take it. Iphone Or backpacks to work, which prevents them from being inspected.

In its first trial in 2015, Apple won over the employees. However, the case was recently taken to the state Supreme Court. There, it was determined that during the inspection the workers were “clearly under Apple’s control, while they waited [a revista] While looking for exits [dos funcionários]”.

The court also argued that taking an iPhone or bag to work is not a convenience, Apple insists.

*With information from Bloomberg