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Apple may launch iPhone subscription service and 'rental' service

Apple may launch iPhone subscription service and ‘rental’ service

The an Apple Develops a subscription service for Iphone and other devices. The plan will be similar to what the company – and others – are doing with digital services, only this time Allow users to access branded products from a monthly payment.

The information was released on Thursday (24) by reporter Mark Gorman, from Bloomberg. Despite the disclosure of the information, Gorman explained that Apple’s plans remain unclear and that the idea is still being worked out internally.

The journalist said the plan is for the new service to have an upgrade option that serves subscribers to receive news every year or every two years. “If a new iPhone comes out, you can replace your phone with this new one,” he explained.

However, Gorman noted that Apple plans because the service does not explicitly give the device to the customer. That is, according to him, It would be more about a loan than an outright purchasewhere the user will have to return the product in case of an exchange, for example.

reporter from Bloomberg He says the tech giant sees this possibility as a great new source of recurring revenue, as monthly paid subscription services generate more financial predictability for businesses.

“There have been some delays in this project. It is likely that the service will launch later this year, if not most likely in 2023,” he added.