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Motoristas de aplicativo agora podem adquirir carro com nome sujo: descubra como!

App drivers can now buy a car with a bad name: Find out how!

Application drivers are an essential worker category these days. A large part of the population commutes using this service. Therefore, it is essential for such people to have their car in top condition.

However, we know that buying a car is a relatively expensive process. Hence, most people choose one financially. Unfortunately, negative people have a hard time taking advantage of this opportunity.

Understand how the initiative works – Photo: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia/pronatec.pro.br

Drivers are looking for ease

According to Serasa, there are currently about 62 million people in default in Brazil. This situation ends up making life difficult for these citizens from the moment they get a credit card to financing a car.

However, it is important to consider to what extent this problem really constitutes an obstacle to financing. Companies can access citizen financial information from platforms such as Serasa.

With this, when requesting funding, your name will be consulted. When you see it as negative, it is possible that the institution believes that the person is not honoring his financial obligations.

However, it is important to remember that in other services, such as contracting for credit, other factors are taken into account. Thus, when the consumer has a good relationship with the firm, some value options may appear.

It is important to be very attentive. This is because in these cases, some companies are increasing the interest rate for passive companies. Thus, getting the service you want becomes more difficult.

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How does financing work?

Basically, financing is a loan. In this case, three parties are involved: the consumer, the seller and the financial institution. Therefore, the bank presents the total value of the car at the time of its purchase.

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The consumer leaves the store in his car. Payment is made directly to the company that funded the amount with interest and corrections. However, this relationship carries risks. If the person does not comply with his obligation, the enterprise may take the car.

How do you buy a car?

Currently, there is a company that undertakes to facilitate the purchase of cars even with a negative name. Startup Hunter promises to use a vehicle while working as a driver for a pickup or delivery app.

During races, the value is deducted from the car’s premium. Therefore, upon expiration of the contract, a person can consider the car as his property. Those interested in participating in this type of work can learn more about the initiative through the company’s portal at https://somoshunter.com.br/.

Another option the startup offers is credits for those who are passive. Those who rent this option can still access products that can improve customer service conditions.

Among these are the insurance that is done with the insured SUSEP; 24 hour assistance; Digital vehicle rental contract in an easy way among other options.

It is worth noting that all cars are 100% tracked by the company’s control center. Thus, it provides driver assistance and operational support 24 hours a day, and currently has a fleet of 40% of its own vehicles and 60% of investors.

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