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Imagem de: Malware já roubou senhas de mais de 100 mil usuários do Android

Apart from LG and Microsoft, Lopez is attacking another major US company

Cybercrime group launches major attack on Microsoft and LG servers Malfunction Another may have fallen victim to one of the latest break-ins. Okta is the agency responsible for user authentication systems to guarantee access to internal networks and services.

If Okta’s servers are compromised and criminals access the company’s customer networks, the case will be even more serious – including universities, government agencies and manufacturers such as Sonos and operator T-Mobile.

What was accessed?

To prove the intrusion, Lapsus detected data and files that were accessed in eight screen shots. Content published by profile @ vx-underground On Twitter, editing images to avoid exposing confidential information.

Details include Private Slog Channels and the Cloudfare Cloud Service Interface. According to the group, only Okta’s employees and services are vulnerable, not customers.

What does Okta say?

The statement sent to the website said On the edgeOkta denies reports that its settings have been hacked recently and for several months.

The company said it had no evidence that the attack was ongoing or for any such period, but recorded “attempts to reconcile the account of the third party customer support engineer.” According to the company, the incident was monitored and resolved – that would be the source of the screenshots.

Security experts were consulted by the news agency ReutersHowever, this case may be more serious than the company recommends and do not rule out consequences for the site’s customers.

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